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The Maplemere Experience



Sweet Home Central School District

Maplemere Elementary School

236 E Maplemere Road

Amherst, NY 14221 

James P. Ryan

Building Principal

  (716) 250-1550

Twitter: @maplemere

“The Maplemere Experience” 

An Instructional Night for Parents & Families

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Instructional Sessions 6-8pm


How is this different from Open House?

The “Maplemere Experience” will allow participants to see the instructional models & practices in action.  There will be a large number of volunteering Champions present.  These presenters are specialists in the focus areas in which they are facilitating.  Each session is intended for parents & guardians.  Unlike open house, students will not follow their parents to sessions or outlining their work.  The next opportunity for this kind of program will be in December for Parent-Teacher conferences.  


Why will this opportunity help your child?

Parents & families will have an opportunity to learn what they can do outside of the school day to support their child.  We will be sharing resources, providing models, and examples of learning activities utilized during the instructional day.  


How will the night be structured?

Families will have an opportunity to participate in up to two different courses.  The sessions will run for approximately 40-60 minutes.  We plan to be respectful of families and will begin sessions on time.  Families are not required to attend both sessions.  For example if only one course meets their needs/interests they are welcome to only attend that course.  


Will there be child care for families who would like to attend? 

Yes, thanks to the efforts of our Maplemere PTA we will have child care available for those families interested.  While the sessions are intended for parents & guardians, students will be supervised by the same child care service we use for our monthly PTA meetings.  Activities will be structured and take place in our cafetorium during the parent sessions.  


Additionally, during the evening we will also have our annual Scholastic Book Fair taking place in our learning cottage (exterior temporary classrooms).  Please feel free to stop by to purchase some great books (cash or credit accepted), and support our PTA programs.  

What course offerings are available?





Math Theme

Maybe something with primary math- counting-progression of addition & subtraction??

Building a strong foundation in fractions is the key to a successful transition from elementary to middle school. Teaching fractions effectively at elementary levels sets kids up for success. Come join us for a fun fraction workshop to learn all about how we are teaching fractions using “new math.”

  • Bonnie Lorentz

  • Angie Commisso

Literacy Theme

Studies show that the best predictor of future educational and life success is the ability to read and understand texts. Teaching young children to become strong readers takes a village and we are so lucky to have Maplemere parents as a part of ours.  In this engaging session, we will show you simple, explicit strategies for giving your child a strong reading foundation.   

  • Julie Roberto 

  • Brooke VanGorden

Leader in Me

Maplemere Elementary uses WIGS (wildly important goals) to help teach students how to set goals, and the behaviors that will help achieve those.  Students will present on their own WIGS and introduce our new school-wide WIG.  

  • Jessica Andriatch

  • Sarah Nowak

  • Student Lighthouse Team

Social-Emotional Team  

The purpose of the session is to introduce new members of our team, discuss resources available for families, and create a safe space to converse around the challenges our children are facing in school and beyond.  The team will also outline our new therapy dog program.  

  • Julie Eberle?

  • Kendra Ciezki? 

  • Megan Breier?


Click the link below, fill out the form at the bottom and follow the instructions to sign up!

The Maplemere Experience